Getting Started


This is my first post of this blog and i am starting this space as a reminder to myself of the the road that i have set my foot on. And who knows it may help people on the same journey, provided i help myself diligently.I am a big time quitter so I will take this blog as my commitment to my journey to an elite Tech management course which i aspire to do in coming years.

Well, a little bit about me, though i have not been able to make it to any IIMs here, i decided to make my way to the paradise for MBAs – USA. Now, as with many MBA aspirants, we are given a new name in here – IIM(Indian IT Male). Finally, I managed to connect myself with IIM somehow :D.

I am currently working in an IT consulting company as a Functional Application Consultant and it took me almost 4.5 whopping years to be here (But i believe that tortoise always wins, phew!). I have been trying for an MBA for a long time now but without knowing the rationale behind it. My top priorities have hopped from Marketing to Entrepreneurship to strategy Consulting. But, i think i have had a moment of enlightenment this time and i have pretty much convinced my self be associated with the Tech industry all along my life. There are many reasons for that decision :

  • I love technology probably by birth but seems i was always haywire and never put my passion to work.
  • I can understand technology problems in a better ways than anything you may sing to me.
  • I have been dreaming of working in Google someday for so many years now.
  • I aim to start my own tech company.
  • Moreover, there no rework in my career, just informed evolution, hopefully.

Despite above reason, i do not want to just code and it by no way means that i do not like coding. I would like to learn the other side of it. For running even a tech company, i think technology is just half a circle, other half is driven by business aspects. I see myself playing a lot more strategic role than developing and designing. I want to know what, why and how of all the IT operations or a product life-cycle.

These ideas are pretty vague as of now. Hence, before anything else, I want to brand my goals so that i am more clear in my vision and hence mission. I know that if i convince myself, i will convince anyone in this world to give me a break.Though, i am pretty much decided on the designations i would like to see myself, i am currently in the research mode and will keep using this space as a catharsis to my dilemmas and decisions. Maybe i improve my writing skills as well.

Well, that is pretty much it for now.